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The end of the beginning

I stare down at the face

Of the detested

Of the intolerant

Of the man who ruined



I glower at the hands

That connected with my face

That were held palm up

Halting my next words,

That now lay together,



I smirk at the Virgin Mary

On the chain bore round his neck

Christianity his crutch,

Mary his fantasy –

The woman who always listened.


I stare down at the face

Of my husband.

Tears sliding down my cheeks

Not for the reasons they think.

Oh what will I do without him?

1 Comment

  • This is poem is very good because of the personality. The religion factor combined with marriage is emotional. The stanza’s are very organize emphasizing impact. I have to ask Professor Seay because I am not sure if capitalizing letters when not starting a new sentence is OK with lines. Other than that is very well written and thought out. Great Job!!